Special Best Made thanks:

First and foremost I thank my team, past and present, for their incredibly hard work, talent and faith. There was no greater honor than working with you to create such a wonderful world.

I also owe so much thanks to so many who didn’t work at Best Made. I would like to thank my team of external contributors and fixers, my creative co-conspirators in the creation of this wonderful world: Derek Amengual, Ports Bishop, Nate Bressler, Pablo Delcan, Julio Espada, Johnny Fogg, Balarama Heller, Christina Holmes, Adrian Gaut, Charlie & Caroline Gladstone, India Gladstone, Noah Kalina, Virginia Lebermann, Joshua Lepley, Ross MacDonald, Yumi Sakuma, Laura Silverman, Forest Woodward, Nick Zdon, and above all Jason Frank Rothenberg.

I would also like to thank everyone who stood in front of the camera — the gauchos, the cowboys, the stuntmen, the chefs, the artists, the wilderness first responders, the adventurers, and the makers — the courageous few who are out there living the Best Made life as we speak: Rocky Barnette, Wes Bauman, Eddie Braun, Craig Buckbee, Paul & Donna Claus, Jason French, Chris Garby, Kanan Hooker, Houston Hooker, Nathaniel Garber, Jared Lamanna, Carlos Mallmann, Fraser Murray, Chris Muscarella, Chris Reeves Knives, Emmanuel Rengade, Simon Rhee, Aaron Toney, Jason Van Bruggen, Dave Watson, Butch “Ceedub" Welch & Miss Pen, Sara & Sohail Zandi, and above all Francis Mallmann.

I would like to thank a few saints and angels who have generously supported me in their own wonderful ways over the last 10 years: Dave Bidini, Ken & Becca Bennett, Angus Buchanan-Smith, Ellen Bennett, Paul Cavazos, Ken Cerra, Julia Leach, Joe Dolce, Jesse Derris, Lorry & Peter Dudley and everyone at Lorry Industries, Bob & John Fisher, Gary & Jan Jansen, Frank Gilbert, Jodi Gold, Rob Howard, Marnie Herald, Phil Iosca, Kate Kilgour, Rob Lemons, Remington Kendall, Sandra Kuli, Steven Kydd, Michael Laniak, Ben Lavely, Michael Lazarus, Sue Levin, Dan Plummer, Mickey Riad, Meredith & Conley Rollins, Ted Shergalis, Nicole Tourtelot, Dan Widmaier & everyone at Bolt Threads, and Chris Young.  

And hats off to Dave Conacher, the camp Ahmek legend who inspired so much, especially the axe: the oldest tool known to humankind, and the perfect perch from which to launch the next great American lifestyle brand. And hats off to Andy Spade who put the first gust of wind in my sails.

And of course nothing would be anything without the support of my parents, my families in Scotland and Texas, and my beautiful Meagan Bennett.

I apologize to anyone who I have no doubt missed. Thank you all for your support through the years. Now join me in wishing the Best Made team continued, immeasurable success.

Ever onwards,

April 1st, 2019