isaac mizrahi

Brand Identity / Package & Product design

I worked directly with Isaac on branding and packaging for all his product and media channels. Isaac’s creative output knew few bounds, and I worked directly with him to give shape and voice to his brand through an incredible array of applications including branding for his products, his runway collections, his television shows, stores, books, magazines, and work for his partners like Target and QVC. My experience working with Isaac taught me many things, but importantly how a designer could empower and inspire a customer. Shortly after my work with Isaac I set out to start my own company, Best Made.

The Looksbooks

CLIENT: Isaac Mizrahi
PROJECTS: Brand Identity / Package & Product design
DATES: 2005-2011
CREDITS: Peter Buchanan-Smith (creative direction and design), Laura Victore (design), Lindsay Ballant (design), Josef Reyes (design)