the best made PRODUCT

creative direction & design

From 2009 to 2016 I lead Best Made Company as CEO in building a vibrant and expansive product line that included apparel, accessories, and camp & home goods. In 2016 I stepped down to be Chief Creative Officer.

The Best Made Co. Table of Elements

In describing my process of product curation at Best Made Company, I often likened it to building the periodic table of elements: whereby the axe is at the top, it’s the oxygen or hydrogen to the assortment, a first aid kit might be slightly further down like magnesium. The following is my personal table of elements, the Best Made products essential to the Best Made life.

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CLIENT: Best Made Company
PROJECT: The Best Made Catalog
DATES: 2011-2019
CREDITS: Peter Buchanan-Smith (design and creative direction); Pablo Delcan, Gelsey Maslanka (design); Ports Bishop, Nate Bressler, Christina Holmes, Tetsuya Ito, and Jason Frank Rothenberg (photography).