Brand identity & packaging design

In 2009, and with the axe as my first product and the “big red X” as my trademark, I founded Best Made Company. In the next 10 years Best Made grew to a vibrant and cohesive product assortment, celebrated for its authenticity and quality. With a mark as iconic as the X, or slogans as concise and compelling as “Be Optimistic”, Best Made was a big brand, leading the charge into a new frontier of direct to consumer e-commerce retail.

Selected Best Made Branding

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I am often asked: “why the X?” Few symbols are as universal as the X: it is a letter in numerous alphabets, it is a number, a mathematical symbol, it is an elemental mark (X marks the spot), and maybe most importantly the X is the middle letter in the most elemental tool (the “axe”).

CLIENT: Best Made Company
PROJECT: Brand identity, product & packaging design
DATE: 2009-2019
Peter Buchanan-Smith (creative direction and design); Nick Zdon (design)