Brand identity, product & packaging design

In 2009, and with the axe as my first product and the “big red X” as my trademark, I founded Best Made Company. In the next 10 years Best Made grew to a vibrant and cohesive product assortment, celebrated for its authenticity and quality. With a mark as iconic as the X, or slogans as concise and compelling as “Be Optimistic”, Best Made was a big brand, leading the charge into a new frontier of direct to consumer e-commerce retail.

Selected Best Made Branding

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Few symbols are as universal as the X: it is a letter in numerous alphabets, it is a number, a mathematical symbol, and at its most rudimentary a simple mark (ie- marks the spot), and maybe most importantly the X is the middle letter in the word “axe”. Looking back I am amazed we were able to trademark such a simple and iconic mark, but if the Red Cross could do it so could we. Here are some of the many applications of the big red X, and other marks and designs were created for the Best Made brand (click any image to enlarge):

CLIENT: Best Made Company
PROJECT: Brand identity, product & packaging design
DATE: 2009-2019
Peter Buchanan-Smith (creative direction and design); Nick Zdon (design)