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Exhibit design for Manhattan Noon at The Museum of the City of New York.

The exhibit which featured photography by Gus Powell, and poems by Frank O’Hara, was designed so that viewers could take it with them: Over 400,000 individual sheets were printed with any 12 of O’Hara’s poems, then bound to the walls in pads, anchored with bold colored backings, evocative of some of the common New York city street colors (ie- taxi cab yellow).

Design: Peter Buchanan-Smith, Josef Reyes
Photography: Gus Powell







Creative direction for Paper Magazine (2005-2008), select covers

In 2005 Peter Buchanan-Smith was hired to be only the fourth creative director of the 20 year old, legendary beacon of downtown style and culture, Paper magazine. For three months in early 2005 he worked closely with Kim Hastreiter, David Hershkovitz, and the Paper editorial and art departments to define a more cogent mission and based on that they came up with an entirely new look. The results of the redesign—which were launched in the May 2005 design issue—were met with rave reviews (Advertising Age named the September 2006 issue one of the ten best magazine covers of the year). Along with the redesign, he also developed ideas for new content and departments, and revamped the photo department, bringing in a new roster of up and comers (including Cass Bird, Jason Frank Rothenberg, Danielle Levitt, and Michael Schmelling) and stable of established photographers (including Richard Burbridge, Larry Clark, Bob Richardson, and Ellen Von Unwerth). For the next three years he continued to hone the design, and working closely with the staff, helped Paper become a more cohesive brand and alluring magazine, all the while reaching a wider audience.

Photography (top to bottom): Danielle Levitt, Marcelo Krasilcic, Richard Burbridge, Cass Bird, Elinor Carucci.



Look book design for Isaac Mizrahi Women’s collection, Fall 2008.

Design: Peter Buchanan-Smith, Josef Reyes
Photography: Jason Frank Rothenberg



“Spring is the new Fall” t-shirt design for Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac came up with idea of dressing his models backstage before the presentation of his Fall 2007 collection in t-shirts with a slogan that couldn’t have been more applicable (or not).

Design: Peter Buchanan-Smith
Photography: Jason Frank Rothenberg




Isaac’s Style Book (volume 1 & 2)

In 2006 we joined forces with Isaac Mizrahi to make his first magazine. Isaac’s Style Book is a very intimate and thoughtful glimpse into the world of Isaac. We worked closely with Isaac to develop content, which included stunning photographs by Jason Frank Rothenberg, Elinor Carucci, Sylvia Plachy, and Joel Meyerowitz, and texts by David Rakoff, Oliver Schwaner-Albright, Nathan Englander and Amanda Fortini. Our studio oversaw the creative direction, design, production, and project management of Isaac’s Style Book.

Design: Peter Buchanan-Smith, Josef Reyes, Laura Victore, Jillian Parisi
Photography: Jason Frank Rothenberg